Be sure of the best rescue equipment for fireman

Be sure of the best rescue equipment for fireman

Are you searching for the best rescue equipment? Holmatro is the provider of a complete assortment of firefighter equipment. The product palette ranges from personal protection equipment to technical equipment, firefighter accessories and special hazmat equipment. The popular Holmatro firefighting equipment catalog is available in a browsable format on our website which makes it great to just look around.

In a perfect world, there would be no accidents and no one would ever get hurt. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and whether we like it or not accidents do happen and people do get hurt. But, when we are prepared and have the right equipment we can take bad situations and keep them from turning into terrible situations.

That’s where our selection of rescue equipment comes into play. While having a rescue plan in place is required by law, there are few requirements about the details of those plans and the equipment you should have in the event of a rescue situation. Our selection of rescue equipment includes auto descent devices, components, kits, and patient care equipment.

Why you should invest in Holmatro’s rescue equipment

When a rescue situation arises being prepared is the difference between someone going home to their family and not. Being prepared involves having a range of equipment that can cover any situation and having the ability to perform the rescue in a short amount of time. That’s where our selection of components come in. Our rescue components include anything and everything you would need to perform a rescue from rope grabs, descenders, and harnesses to pulleys, straps, bags, and so much more.

When someone has experienced a fall getting them to the ground and to safety is a top priority. Our selection of auto descent devices will help you ensure that if something goes wrong you are prepared to perform the perfect rescue. We feature a range of descent devices including SRLs, pulley systems, and complete kits.

The quality of Holmatro’s rescue equipment

We have state-of-the-art production facilities in the Netherlands and the United States to ensure that the high-grade quality and robustness is maintained. Work is carried out at both locations in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the SCC* Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Checklist Contractors.

Our products comply with all international standards such as the European EN 13204, EN 13731 and the American NFPA 1936. Holmatro tools are developed, manufactured and maintained in conformity with the highest quality standards of durability, side load, mechanical distortion and overpressure. As they must be resistant to the most extreme conditions, our products are thoroughly tested before they are authorized for use in practice.